Getting Traffic To Your Website

by Dean James

traffic11There are many ways to drive traffic to a site. This part is often a big stumbling block for people when they are starting out. I can understand why this happens. People get overwhelmed with all the different traffic generation techniques and feel overloaded with information.

Essentially you can separate ways to drive traffic into 2 types ( those that cost you nothing and those that cost you something ):

1) Free Traffic

Everyone loves free traffic. There are quick ways of getting that traffic and methods that work over the longer term. If you want to generate a buzz that can be intense but usually relatively short lived, then submitting a Press Release is one great way.

Web 2.0 – Check out the FREE course in the sidebar you can sign up for if you want to learn more about this.

Article Marketing – You write an article that has relevance to the content on your site. You can then submit this article to various article directories on the web and include links in your resource box back to your site. This can be very powerful as you will have direct traffic from people clicking on the links in the articles and also, over time your site will gain rankings for your target terms in the search engines.

Forum Posting – Sign up with a forum relevant to your niche and write a signature with a call to action ( don’t spam as that will just get you banned ).

2) Paid Traffic

The most obvious here is PPC ( Pay Per Click ) – The most heavily used/popular is Google Adwords. MSN and Yahoo also have PPC programs.

Also consider advertising in Ezines, solo ads, banner advertising, link advertising and submitting a paid press release.

 My recommendation to you if you are starting out is to go with the free traffic generation techniques, then when you are starting to make money you can plough some of that back into paid methods for greater returns


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Traffic Generation

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