Affiloblueprint Shows You How To Make Serious Money With Affiliate Sites

by Dean James

I’m excited to be telling you all about this as I believe this is one of those rare opportunities where you literally get spoon fed and shown how to do ‘exactly’ what you need to in order to make money online by building and promoting affiliate sites. It’s the same system that Mark Ling uses to make $1,000,000 a year ( how awesome is that ).

This AffiloBlueprint course has been brought to the market by a well respected guy in the industry called Mark Ling who is the founder of Affilorama. When it comes to teaching people how to make money with affiliate marketing and affiliate sites, Mark is a man that ‘walks the walk’.

The first version of Affiloblueprint came out some months ago, which was essentially a live case study he had done with previous students whereby he built a site in a popular gaming niche before the very eyes of the students and documented each stage of the process step-by-step in video format with accompanying comprehensive notes. It may interest you to know that this site ended up making $500 a week!

This is the second version of Affiloblueprint, which is bigger, badder and better than the last. It’s going to be launched live to the public for a limited time on the 28th April. To give you an idea of the incredible value you are presented with in this blueprint, the new Affiloblueprint course will consist of over 40 task specific videos so you can learn in ‘bite-sized’ manageable steps as you follow along and make your own affiliate site that makes you money, week-in and week-out.

This process is entirely scaleable and if you stick with it, take action and maintain focus you could realistically reach the point where you are earning 10k or more a month. It’s hard to get across just how much solid actionable content you will get in this course as you really have to see it for yourself.

The course has all bases covered in terms of how to build the sites and you can keep costs down by building out the affiliate sites using WordPress. This is also advantageous if at a later date you want to sell your site ( or you may just be happy to let it sit there earning you money week after week ). You get a custom designed WordPress template included for free.

The affiloblueprint course is set up and designed as a 12 week course but you can take things at your own pace as everything is recorded for playback. What I think sets this course apart from the rest is that you learn:

Market Research
Choosing A Niche
PPC ( Pay per click )
How To Monetize Your Site
How to use analytics and web stats to check your progress

Think of this course as your online degree for making profitable affiliate sites. Personally I think Mark is a little crazy for selling it so cheap ( I honestly think a $997 tag would be justifiable ), but I guess he wants this course to be affordable to as many people as possible. Visit the AffiloBlueprint website here.


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