Udimi Solo Ad Training – How to Buy Solo Ads

by Dean James

I’ve created a 20 minute video for you to watch which is Udimi Solo Ad Training for anyone that wants to drive traffic to their offer so they can build a mailing list. Udimi has vendors that will sell you traffic in a variety of niches including marketing, health, mobile, finance and social. In particular if you’re in the area of internet marketing, make money online or need to promote any kind of biz-op this is definitely for you. Before you watch this video I should also add that when you join Udimi via this page for free you will automaticaly get a $5 discount on your first order and receive details of sellers you can buy traffic from on there that I have had good results with.

Click on the play button below to watch my full Udimi solo ad training video and see how it all works:

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As you can see in the image above, you can find Udimi sellers in quite a few different niches and you can filter those sellers so only the ones selling that type of traffic are displayed. You can drill down even further by choosing those that have made recent sales for buyers and only those that are online (etc).

One of the cool things about Udimi is that because it has a feedback system which is a little bit like Ebay, the customers of the seller have the opportunity to rate the solo they have bought when it has been completed. They can leave positive or negative feedback and even indicate whether the solo has made sales for them. You can see if a buyer has reported sales because you will see a green $ sign next to the feedback. It will look like this:

Let’s also have a look at what the numbers mean next to the sellers when you’re searching for a seller to buy a solo from on here.

In the example above, the vendor is charging 58 cents per click, has 148 positive feedback ratings and 0 negative ratings. He has also had a 55% sales feedback rating from his customers who have made sales as a direct result of the traffic he has sent. This means that the traffic he is sending is not only serving the purpose of building his customers mailing list but they are also making money directly from his traffic (that’s not counting any sales they make from future mailings or autoresponder mailings in their follow-up sequence). Some vendors will allow you to purchase as little as 50 clicks. In the picture above you can see that you could buy 50 clicks from that vendor for $32. I would recommend purhasing 100-200 clicks to get started but what you buy is up to you and dependent on your own personal budget.

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Once you have chosen a seller it’s then simply a case of moving the slider on screen to choose the number of clicks you wish to purchase and also what date you want the seller to start sending traffic on. The seller will have up to 100 hours to deliver traffic but I find that typically sellers complete solos much quicker than this with many being finished within a day and usually always within 72 hours. You can also choose a date in the future but allow the seller to start the solo early. Udimi has a built-in messenger so you can send the seller a PM if you want once you’ve placed your order.

In the image above, for the purposes of this example you can see that I have selected 100 clicks on 27th March and I have included my ad text which the vendor is going to mail out to his list. All you need to do here is create an email subject line for your ad and some body copy along with a link to your offer, which will be going to your squeeze page where the visitor has the option to enter their email address in return for whatever it is that you are offering (i.e. a free report, video, audio download etc).

In total this solo would cost $61 to purchase 100 clicks and once you’re happy to proceed with purchasing a solo on Udimi you just click the “Buy” button that I have highlighted in red in the screenshot above.

This will take you to a final checkout screen where you make payment either by Paypal or Card. If you already have funds present on your Udimi balance it will automatically subtract that from the overall cost of the order. As I had $7.32 balance on Udimi at the time you can see it is asking me for $53.68 to pay for my solo ad order. If you don’t have Paypal you can also purchase using a credit card so there is more than one option for you to pay for your order.

Once payment is completed it’s then simply a matter of waiting for the seller to accept your order and start sending you traffic on the date agreed. I find most sellers will accept the order within a few hours at the most but it depends on when they are online and how often they check for new orders. As a lot of these vendors do this full-time most orders are accepted very promptly indeed.

Obviously, if you have any further queries regarding buying solo ads on Udimi be sure to watch my Udimi Solo Ad Training video at the start of this post. Once you’ve read this and watched that, I would be happy to answer any questions you have as I have used this marketplace for a long time. To make things quicker and easier for you, the best thing to do is create a free account with Udimi below and that will get my Udimi Bonus containing 4 things that are advantageous to you.

  1. It will give you direct access to me on Udimi via their messaging system. On there you can ask me any questions you may have about Udimi or purchasing a solo ad on there.
  2. It will give you $5 discount on your first order.
  3. It will give you a personal message from me with more details including the names of 3 proven vendors on Udimi you can purchase traffic from.
  4. You will get periodic updates from me on Udimi containing details of sellers on this marketplace I have personally got good results with.

Go ahead and create your account via the link below and I’ll be in touch 🙂

Click HERE to Create a FREE Udimi Account


If you enjoyed this Udimi solo ad training turorial please do share it with anyone you know that might find it useful. Thanks as always for reading!

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by Dean James on March 25, 2017 · 6 comments

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Jay February 13, 2018 at 5:19 pm


Great info. I have been using udimi for a while also. Still in a testing phase as my list from this platform is just over 100. At this point i have used vendors with 90%+ top tier traffic and now as i do follow ups there is hardly any engagement. This being 1%-3% at most. Please tell if these are typical results or anything helpful if you could. Obviously above and beyond what this post entails.
Thanks again for this post.

Dean James February 13, 2018 at 7:01 pm

Hi Jay, at 100 subscribers it’s still a bit early to make firm conclusions from your stats. My advice would be to keep your follow-up and any initial offers you have as congruent as possible. From there follow up regularly as people quickly forget you and keep a close eye on where your sales are coming from (if you’re getting sales from a solo ad you NEED to know which vendor is sending you those sales out of those you have ordered).

After a while you will build up your own ‘rolodex’ of preferred vendors (at which point re-order from those vendors and periodically test out new vendors as well). You can also try changing email subject lines and gauge response – sometimes something as simple as that can significantly increase open and click through rates. Hope that helps.

Jay February 13, 2018 at 8:14 pm

Thanks for getting back with me. I thought it was a little early to tell. I will start following up more often and again i appreciate the additional advise.
Take care,

Dean James February 13, 2018 at 10:45 pm

Jay, you are welcome. Leads are great but sales are king. Track both.

As far as follow up goes the MINIMUM sequence you need in place is 7 days and I would advise a minimum of 21.

Don’t worry about unsubscribes, you are going to get them.

Follow up with your list regularly as responsiveness, as a whole, declines over time. That’s why you need to actively replenish your list.

Best, Dean.

Charlie May 19, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Great post!
Udimi is the best place to buy high-quality solo ads. For example, I bought 700 clicks and got 72% opt in and 12% of sales. I recommend that you use Udimi too. High conversion and targeted traffic.

Daniels Hustle October 12, 2019 at 12:37 pm

Thanks for this detailed tut on solo ads. You’re a good teacher dean.

Best Regards,

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