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by Dean James

fanpagemoneymethodFan Page Money Method

Product Reviewed: Fan Page Money Method
Trial Available: No
Creator: Michael Cheney
Product Type: Special Report
Upsells (2): Fan Page Money Templates & Videos + Fast-Track Facebook Traffic Training Program

Fan Page Money Method In this Fan Page Money Method review I am going to give you all the details you need to know in order to make an informed buying decision, including a background on its creator, whether it’s for you and what you get when you invest in this product. If you would like to check out the method and read what others are saying, you can do so by clicking here.

What Is Fan Page Money Method?

It’s a ‘no-fluff’ report which shows you where the money is on Facebook and how to get it by following these steps:

1) Finding and targeting people with money (in a hot ‘money’ niche)
2) Building your Facebook funnel (which involves creating a fan page and building a list at the same time)
3) GETTING the money (how to create your winning ad)


This report is a stand-alone product which shows you how to target the people with money, create your fan pages and make money yourself. I have read it, and I like it.

There is also the (non-essential – they just help you get the money quicker and easier) option to purchase Fan Page Money Templates & Videos as well as a Fast-Track Facebook Traffic Training Program at a huge discount to the $5000 it originally sold out for (it’s like only a few percent of the price people originally paid).

Now I know some people have a problem with upsells, but the way to look at it is you are getting the product for $9.95 and the rest are relevant tools and training that just makes everything even quicker and easier.

When you place a value on your time you soon realise that one of the smartest things you can do is invest in tools and training that saves on this finite commodity. Obviously when you’re cash poor and time rich, you have to put in more sweat equity, but if you have some funds at your disposal to make your life easier, especially when it’s high quality and relevant training, you should invest in yourself and your business.

More on that later…

Click HERE to Visit Fan Page Money Method

One thing you need to bear in mind is that while you have this money-making fan page, you will also effectively have a funnel which builds your list at the same time. Anyone in internet marketing that knows what they are doing, understands that the list is their #1 asset.

In fact, if you asked most top marketers, the only thing they wouldn’t give up/surrender is their list. This product shows you how to make money with fanpages AND build your list at the same time (which will make you even more money over time). It’s a win-win…

Who Is Michael Cheney?

The first thing you need to know about Michael Cheney is he’s a self made millionaire and he’s done it all on the internet from scratch, armed with a trusty keyboard and a go-getting attitude that has ensured he’s uncovered where the gold (aka ‘the money’) is to be found on Facebook and he’s willing to teach you how and where to find it in this report.

He’s also a guy that can play the guitar (although I think Slash from Guns ‘N’ Roses fame is safe) and recently came 1st place in ‘King Of The Mountains’ (not the Tour De France version :)).  Think of him as a Yorkshire man that cycles very fast UPHILL as he’s making money online with Facebook and you’ll have a pretty accurate picture of the man behind Fan Page Money Method.

Fan Page Money Method – What Are Others Saying?

“Learned More In An Hour Than I Had In A Year.
 Even A Beginner Can Take Action Right Away.” ~ Howard Dabrawsky II

I Was A Newbie – Now Making Money Like A Pro.
 Love It!” ~ Mike Armstrong

Absolutely Phenomenal. Blows Other Guides
Out Of The Water!” ~ Paul Langham

“I already have a ton of leads that I can start marketing to and I had no idea I could do any of this without breaking the bank first” ~ Sergio Felix

I Made $1600 In One Weekend
 Thanks To The Powerful Strategies I Learned” ~ Adreas Spyrou

“Hands Down The BEST Way To Earn Money With Facebook”
Marcus Passey

“If You Want To Put Money In Your Bank Account
You Must Buy This” ~ Michael Williams

Click HERE to Visit Fan Page Money Method

By now you already know that you can get your copy of Fan Page Money Method for just $9.95 for a limited time, but what about the upsells which are optional?

They are as follows:

One Time Offer 1: Fan Page Money Templates & Videos ($97).

This provides you with ready-made templates to create an opt-in page on Facebook which are accompanied with step-by-step videos which show you ALL of the money-methods contained in the report together with even more tips on driving free, targeting traffic from Facebook.

One Time Offer 2: Fast-Track Facebook Traffic Program ($197).

Michael Cheney originally sold out this Facebook traffic coaching program for $5000. The good news is you won’t have to pay anything near that amount as he recorded all of the sessions and is making them available to anyone that purchases Fan Page Money Method. This covers every Facebook traffic generation method you can think of including paid ads, those $0.01 clicks, free traffic, viral tricks and much more.



* You are getting a comprehensive report on making money with Facebook fan pages for just $9.95 (so it’s quality and inexpensive).
* You can optionally purchase tools and training that will make it even quicker and easier for you to have a money-getting fan page in place that also builds your list at the same time.
* It all works on Facebook so it’s centralized in its execution
* The training you are getting is proven. It is from someone that has already made over $175,000 with it so you KNOW it works!
* It shows you how to target the right niche and find buyers so it’s laser targeted.


* Not everyone likes to use Facebook for various reasons. Obviously this is a pre-requisite and it’s so popular these days that as a marketing/networking tool it’s very powerful.
* You may not get any sleep once you know the method.

Fan Page Money Method – Concluding Summary

For an incredibly low $9.95 investment you are getting a 37 page ‘no-fluff’ report which shows you step-by-step how to set up your own profitable Facebook fan page from scratch and make money by targeting the RIGHT people that have money to spend.

What make this report especially powerful is that it shows you how to build a valuable highly-targeted list that’s 100% yours at the SAME time as you’re making money with Facebook.

Click HERE to Visit Fan Page Money Method

If you have any interest at all in making money using the Facebook platform and building a list, you should pick up a copy of the Fan Page Money Method report while it’s available at a low price of $9.95. Also, if you can afford it I highly recommend buying the one time offer of the Fan Page Money Templates & Videos as they make it very easy for you to set up your opt-in page on Facebook and build your list, while the videos walk you through all the money-methods contained in the report itself.

The Facebook Traffic Training Program is certainly great value as it’s available at less than 4% of the price students originally paid for it (YES they really did pay $5000 for this coaching and it sold out at that price. The only minor downside to that being is it’s not live so you won’t be able to ask questions in a ‘live’ environment, but honestly WHO CARES when you are getting over 96% off the original price), and it’s all about driving TRAFFIC.

Once you know how to do this you can build your list and make money even faster. On top of that it’s a skill nobody can ever take away from you so it’s an investment in your skillset as an online marketer (in any niche where people are spending money).

It’s all solid actionable stuff and Michael Cheney delivers it in a simple and easy to follow way, which is key when it comes to putting it to work for yourself.

Click HERE to Visit Fan Page Money Method


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