Profit Rockets Review – Killer Presell That Converts

by Dean James


John Warda has been a ‘best kept secret’ for a long time. His mentor, Michael Cheney spotted his natural skills some time ago and employed him.

What for exactly? Well, initially John worked on assisting Michael behind the scenes with his big product launches and his customers on the helpdesk. To tell you the truth even I didn’t know until recently that John had a secret weapon very few people knew about.

Until now.

John writes killer copy that has made literally thousands of dollars. It’s fair to say until now he’s been an underground secret but now he’s broken out and combined his genuine desire to help people with this natural ability to write copy that converts.

What John has done is identify QUALITY products in the internet marketing niche that people will be ecstatic about when they purchase. He’s then written pre-sell email copy for these products and  loaded them with psychological triggers that convert more people to buyers and generates commissions for you on autopilot once it’s set up.

And that really is no exaggeration.

John has really overdelivered in Profit Rockets and created 111 pieces of email copy for 37 top internet marketing products. I can’t tell you how much you’d have to pay for copy like this for individual products. To get a decent job done you’d be paying thousands of dollars.

Thankfully John understands people getting started can’t afford to fork out tons of money, so he’s made it very affordable and easy to get started making big commissions online as an affiliate whilst also building lists in this lucrative niche. Really, anyone even semi-serious about starting their own online business should be able to scrape together the pennies to buy this.

I have PERSONALLY reviewed Profit Rockets and can tell you that John has really overdelivered on this one. You’ve got tons of money-getting copy ready for well over 30 top IM products you can promote using this system.

All you’ll need other than this is to sign up to an Autoresponder service, then plug the emails John has already written for you and put an opt-in form for the product either on your own website or on a FREE Blogger blog.


If you’re starting to freak out at this stage about setting up an autoresponder or how to put an opt-in form on a blogger blog, don’t panic. John has ALL that covered as well. On the inside he shows you how to sign up to AWeber and Getresponse ( the two best autoresponder services ).

He also shows you:

– How to add your affiliate ID to each offer so you profit on autopilot when anyone buys from your follow ups that John has already created for you.

– How to set up a F’REE Blogger blog ( video tutorial )

– How to add an opt-in form to your Blogger blog so people can sign up and receive the follow-ups with killer copy that converts to make sales for you as an affiliate.

John makes all this push button simple to follow. It’s literally as straight forward as watching and following his videos then copying and pasting the emails he’s already written for you into your autoresponder series.

This really is powerful because you’ll be building a business in the internet marketing niche whereby you’ll be able to leverage the power of the lists you’ll be building on autopilot. On top of that you’ll also be raking in the cash from the solid products you’ll be promoting. People will be thanking you for telling them about these products and over time you’ll develop a horde of raving fans.

As a special TRAFFIC bonus, only for the FIRST 20 people to purchase through the link below I will get a UNIQUE article written for you on any family friendly topic and promote it to top article directories f’ree of charge.

This will drive traffic to your blog/website and also help get it indexed fast.

If you paid a submission service to do this for you it can easily cost $50 JUST for the submission and that’s *without* the cost of paying a writer to produce a completely unique article.

Go check it out below and get your copy while it’s at such an affordable price:

To GET this *Special Bonus* you need to:

Step 1: Get your copy via the link below:

Step 2: Forward your purchase receipt to bonus [AT]

Step 3: Send me an email with your website url and the keyword phrase you want the article written on.


This product is ideal for beginner marketers and newbies who want to make money online and also build lists at the same time. I strongly recommend you do this because you’ll be building a REAL business you can leverage over time.

Got any unanswered questions I can help you with in relation to Profit Rockets? Leave a comment on this blog post and I’ll answer to the best of my ability. Thanks.


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