5 Top Free Internet Marketing Tools For Your Online Business (Part One)

by Dean James

There are so many internet marketing tools and resources out there, it’s enough to make your head spin. Here are 5 of the top free internet marketing tools available which you can start using today to help grow your online business.

Roboform (Password Manager) – Do you ever forget passwords? Or even worse, lose the bit of paper you had them written down on (heaven forbid)? Fortunately for people webtoolsthat don’t have “Rain Man” like abilities to remember long passwords, this password manager is THE solution of choice. There’s a paid and a free version (which holds about 10 passwords). The paid version allows you to store an unlimited number of passwords and costs around 10 bucks ($9.95 at time of writing). Because Roboform is integrated into your web browser, it fills in your username and passwords automatically. You can’t really appreciate how good it is until you see it in action. Download the free trial version of Roboform here. (I guarantee once you start using this you will never look back – go get it already).

GetResponse (Autoresponder for List Building) – Are you building an email list? If your answer to that question is “No” then you seriously need to get started right now. If you are not building a list, you are leaving money on the table, so stop doing whatever it is you’re doing and start. GetResponse is in my all time “Top TWO” autoresponder choices and you can try it free for 30 days with no credit card required. What are you waiting for? Try GetResponse FREE for 30 days here.

StatCounter (Website Traffic Analytics) – I don’t hear this one talked about so often but it’s really good. Want to know exactly who is visiting your site? The number of unique visitors and what pages they are visiting? Statcounter even tells you where your visitor is coming from and what links they are clicking when they visit your site. If you want to know more about what traffic is hitting your website, how long they are staying and whether they are returning visitors, this is a great tool and it’s drop-dead-simple to use. You can even set up multiple campaigns if you run more than one site. Start using StatCounter here.

Amazon S3 (File Hosting) – While this isn’t FREE in the strictest sense of the word, it’s so cheap that cost really isn’t a factor unless you’re homeless (and I don’t know many homeless people with an internet connection and a laptop/smart phone/desktop PC). Amazon S3 is ridiculously inexpensive and it’s a great place to host files if you have customers/website visitors that are downloading them in any quantity. If you have videos on your website, hosting them on Amazon S3 will keep everything running nice and fast so your visitors don’t get frustrated at the slow loading times and end up going somewhere else (unthinkable). Check out Amazon S3 here.

Coffee Cup (HTML Editor) – When I first started ‘messing around’ with web pages and HTML, Microsoft Frontpage was the html editor of choice. I am so familiar with it that I still use it for quick tasks. Cream of the crop, when it came to paid html editors/site designers was Dreamweaver, but what about great free options. This is where Coffee Cup comes to the rescue. You can download it for free and it’s a breeze to use. Get Coffee Cup here.

So there you have it, 5 great tools you can start using if you aren’t doing so already. In part two I will be revealing 5 more great tools to help you grow your business, even if you are on a very limited budget in the early stages.


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