Affilojetpack Bonus ( Worth $2,982 )

by Dean James

Affilojetpack by Mark Ling has just gone live. It’s a complete business in a box solution to profit from lucrative niche markets ranging from weight loss to dating tips. In total there are 11 niches to choose from of which you will get access to any 5 of your choice in Affilojetpack.

I have a massive Affilojetpack bonus package available to the first 20 customers that order through my link.

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When you visit that link above, you’ll also see a video I recorded earlier which tells you more about Affilojetpack and why I think affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions you may have about the product or affiliate marketing, I will read every single one of them 🙂

>>Affilojetpack Bonus Package For First 20 Customers<<


by Dean James on July 27, 2010 · 6 comments

Affiliate Marketing

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Social Media Traffic July 27, 2010 at 10:54 pm

Great info! I have been trying to make it online for about a year now. The only thing I have been missing is traffic. The affiliate concept is easy. Get a hoplink/affiliate link, send traffic and make sales. The hoplink and affiliate link are the free and easy part. How do ya get traffic to it? Well, unless you have a website/blog in the niche your trying to promote your hoplink/affilaite link, that gets 1000+ visitors a day….good luck! I have tried all the methods. PPC (lost my shirt), Buy bulk traffic (not targeted and spammy) and of course forum posting an article writing (time consuming with little results). If there was only a program out there that walked ya step by step from getting a hoplink/affiliate link and promoting it with free resources.

Dean James July 28, 2010 at 12:26 am

@Social Media Traffic – By the way folks, please include your real name instead of anchor text ( thanks 😉 ).

There are lots of ways of getting traffic. You DON’T need a blog in the niche you’re in to make affiliate income. What you do need is knowledge of how to drive targeted traffic to whatever you are promoting and then convert that traffic into paying customers by ‘qualifying’ that visitor before they see the offer itself. You can make a lot of affiliate income with relatively small volumes of traffic in the right markets if your traffic is highly targeted and going to a relevant offer that converts with good copy.

I would not recommend Pay Per Click when starting out as there is a learning curve here + financial outlay. Usually people looking to make money online don’t have great financial budgets to work with. Because they are so eager to get going, they will usually overspend on PPC without really knowing what they are doing. Also, you have quality score issues to contend with. I will tell you right now that Google is coming down hard on Adwords advertisers that are running campaigns with low quality scores.

Forum posting and article writing can yield great results. There are ways of affiliate marketing whereby your efforts act as a conduit for the sale as oppose to trying to convert a ‘cold’ prospect into a buyer.

You said, “If there was only a program out there that walked ya step by step from getting a hoplink/affiliate link and promoting it with free resources”

I’m not going to pitch Affilojetpack in these comments but I would say that Mark is including FULL TRAFFIC TRAINING with the Affilojetpack system. He also shows you a number of traffic methods you can put to work.

This system will also show you how to maximize your earnings per visitor by getting them into a funnel which will both educate and recommend products periodically.

Believe me, anyone can do this but you can’t do it all by yourself. Find a mentor or follow a system that will teach you. Affilojetpack is a very good one that I do recommend, but regardless of whether you buy that, make sure you ‘learn and then earn’. This will fast track your results. If you try and do it ‘your way’ you’ll either have limited success or you will burn out.

Keep going. You will get there if you persist 🙂

Vladimir Krymskiy July 28, 2010 at 12:32 am

Dear Dean James,

I like your $100 per day Project “Content Cash Secrets”
I have your Book
I bought your Niche Adsense Template
Vol 1 _$17 ( 12 templates ).
I bought “Content Cash Secrets Videos”

I like this Project and want to implement it.

Please, send me my ID and Password to reach
your Members Area ASAP!

Warmest regards,


Dean James July 28, 2010 at 1:01 am

Hi Vladimir,

Glad you liked the book and the templates. I re-sent your registration email yesterday to the email you have entered here ( not shown ). I double checked it was sent so please let me know if you have not received ( check your spam folder if you have one ).

I have also sent you an email so please reply to that if you have received so I know you are receiving my emails. Thanks.

Edit: Aha! Vladimir, you left the ‘s’ off at the end of your email address when you signed up. I have amended this now and re-sent your details to this address.


Vladimir Krymskiy November 20, 2010 at 12:56 am

Dear Dean James,

I write you to inform.

According with your Ebook “Content Cash Secrets”:

1. I chose High Paying Niche keywords for
parent -“How to make money Online”.

2. These keywords have Maximum Searches (S)
and Minimum Results (R) (Competitors) –
according Keyword Elite metrology results
i.e. Minimum (R/S). I chose 5 these the most
effective keywords.

3. I wrote 5 articles myself – one for each of 5

4. Using Article Spinner I transferred 5articles
into 30 new articles for using in Articles

5. I built 5 websites and uploaded them on web

6. I tested these sites as inside my hosting so
using outside site links.

7. I built landing page for my Affiliate site using
Affiliate Materials as you advised.

8. I wrote Article for my Affiliate site, signed
in “Ezine Articles Directory” and saved there
this my Article. Now I wait Review Results.

However my Host is very old. It is difficult to use old tools to edit and adjust ( tune up) sites inside hosting.

So I need new hosting ASAP. My new hosting must have multiple Email Service.

I will be happy to get you critical marks.

Warmest regards,


Dean James January 13, 2011 at 7:37 pm


I would recommend choosing something other than make money online as the parent topic if you’re monetizing with Adsense. There are much easier niches to target.

Re: point 5 – You want 5 different sites to have 5 different domains. I don’t recommend subdomains for your niche sites.

Re: point 7/8 – Good stuff. Let me know how you get on with your affiliate promotions.

On the point of hosting switch to the one I recommend in CCS. It’s very inexpensive and ultra reliable for the money.

Keep me posted on your progress.


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