What Is A Squeeze Page?

by Dean James

Squeeze ThemeIf you’re relatively new to Internet Marketing you may not be familar with the term “Squeeze Page“. When I first heard this it meant absolutely nothing to me. After all, the word ‘squeeze’ reminded me more of orange juice than anything else.

So What’s A Squeeze Page?

Well, let’s put it this way, if you want to build a list of subscribers ( and you should want to do that ) interested in your niche, then you are going to want to capture their email address using an opt-in form.

A squeeze page is designed to gain an email opt-in and provides the visitor to that page with 2 options. They can either enter their name and email address or exit that page. The difference between a Squeeze Page and a Sales Page is that the former is not designed to make a direct sale. It’s designed to capture the visitors email address.

How To Make A Squeeze Page

This is a barrier to entry for some people that want to start building a mailing list and it absolutely SHOULD NOT be. Even if you don’t have the skills to build a squeeze page, the good news is that this can be outsourced very cheaply. For less than 50 bucks you can get somebody else WITH THE SKILLS to do all of this for you. You can hire someone using a site such as elance.com

If you are familiar with basic HTML I recommend you try and make your own, it’s honestly not that difficult. Use software such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage to do this. If you get stuck and have a few bucks to spare, outsource it. Don’t let something like this stop you from building a large mailing list.

Some people have also been asking me about where to get templates for their squeeze page. I recommend Squeeze Theme as an easy to use theme for creating your squeeze pages. Click Here to Visit Squeeze Theme or via the banner below.
Squeeze Theme

Obviously you’re going to need to put your squeeze page on the internet so visitors can actually see it, so you’re also going to need webhosting. A webhost basically has a server that your sites are uploaded to. CLICK HERE to use the world class hosting I recommend and get the first month for just one cent.

You’re also going to need 2 more things.

1) An Autoresponder
2) A Domain Name

There a couple of good choices for paid autoresponders. Don’t waste your time with free autoresponders, it is false economy. The one I recommend you use is Aweber. This is a fantastic service which only costs $19 a month. CLICK HERE for a 1 Month Trial ($1)  and get an account with Aweber ( you can use it for multiple sites/squeeze pages ).

Last but not least, you are going to need to get a domain name. Namecheap is the service I prefer, you can get domains for under $10 and they don’t hit you with tons of extras and addons like GoDaddy does. The interface is much cleaner and user friendly in my opinion.

I hope this helps some of you overcome any information overload you may be suffering from so you can get started with building your own mailing list.


by Dean James on March 6, 2010 · 1 comment

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Curtis March 6, 2010 at 7:07 pm

This is a great post for newbies. Squeeze pages are a great way to start affiliate marketing.

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