Marketing In Your Car – The Free MP3 Player Has Arrived

by Dean James

About a week or so ago I ordered a FREE MP3 player from Russell Brunson (it’s a limited-availability free offer he’s currently running). The MP3 player is pre-loaded with 257 Marketing Episodes which are 5 or 6 minutes (on average) in length per episode.

What was particularly attractive about this offer is that I only had to pay shipping and handling of $10 but the MP3 player itself is free to do whatever I want with.

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I’m never without an MP3 player at the gym so this sort of thing is ideal for listening to marketing ‘stuff’ while I’m doing something else at the same time.

I checked the mail yesterday and the MP3 player had arrived in a rather sturdy looking cardboard box which I opened.

Once that box was open I found the MP3 player presented in another sturdy looking box which took me a while to get into. “There is absolutely no chance of this MP3 player getting damaged in transit“, I thought to myself.

The MP3 player is a no-frills design but it looks pretty funky in it’s shiny-silver attire and there’s also a backlit LCD digital display which shows you what episode you’re currently on. The MP3 player functions include Play/Pause, Main Menu, Track Skip (backwards and forwards) as well as a Volume Control. It’s a 4GB player with an on/off switch and a 3.5mm headphone jack, so all-in-all a nice little MP3 player for “no money down”.

The audio quality is also pretty good (at least it sounds good hooked up to my Sennheiser headphones) and the top of the MP3 player is removable and acts as a portable USB stick.

Here’s a picture of it in all it’s boxed glory:


Actually it’s that good I’m seriously thinking of ordering another one as a backup. Russell has ordered another 3,000 of these from China so at the moment they are still in stock.

If you like listening to marketing stuff and you like audio ‘on the move’ it’s worth grabbing one while the free mp3 player offer is on.

Click Here to Get Your Free Mp3 Player with 257 Marketing Episodes



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