Fiverr Isn’t Dead Review – Creating High Profit Gigs on Fiverr

by Dean James

fiverisntdeadFiver Isn’t Dead

Product Reviewed: Fiver Isn’t Dead
Creator: Kory Pearman
Product Type: Membership – One-Time Payment
Upsells: Yes
Upsell 1: 15 Done For You Gigs
Upsell 2: Coaching and Private Skype Group

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Have you ever thought of selling tasks or services on Fiverr? If not, now is a great time to jump in feet-first and hit the ground running because it’s no longer the case that you can only make $5 per gig. With over 1 MILLION active users on Fiverr it’s a ready made marketplace filled with buyers that have cash at their disposal they are willing to pay YOU. All you need to do is cater to demand and cash in as a reliable seller that delivers on your promises.

With a gigfiverisnotdead being purchased on Fiverr every 5 seconds there are 17,280 transactions taking place every SINGLE DAY. Kory Pearman has created a 4 Step Video Module Course which shows you the exact 100% free method he uses to make an extra $47 per day with a single gig in just 13 minutes per day and how you can duplicate his success in the next 24 hours. In this Fiverr Isn’t Dead review I am going to cover everything you need to know about this course. If you would like to visit the website and check it out right now, you can do so by clicking here.

Before I go any further please be assured this is a REAL review of the product. I have gone through the entire members area and all the video modules from start to finish. I have also purchased both the main product and the first upsell of 15 done for you gig package so I know exactly what you are getting for your money!

What Is Fiver Isn’t Dead?

It’s a 4 Part Video module course that walks you through everything you need to do in order to not only start selling on Fiverr but also create profitable gigs that are going to make you significantly more than the $5 most sellers are getting. Once you follow the steps Kory outlines in the course you can quickly go from making a little bit of cash (as most sellers on there are doing) to a decent-sized income without wasting time.

To give you an idea of how much you can earn on Fiverr, Kory has a single gig that he spends 13 minutes per day on which averages him $47 a day AFTER fees. That’s from a SINGLE gig so you can quickly appreciate the earnings potential (365 x $47 = $17,155 a year from one gig. Interested?) and you can have as many as 20 gigs running on your Fiverr account.

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What Do Each Of The Modules Cover?

There are 4 video modules in the members area which are viewable from inside the members area itself…

Here’s a screenshot:


Module 1: The Basics

In this module the basics are covered including setting up a Fiverr account and what you need to do before setting up your first gig. It also includes handy advise on tips on considerations based around this including choosing a profile name, what areas are important to fill in and so on.

Module 2: Gig Creation and Ranking

This module covers everything you need to know about creating successful gigs on Fiverr as well as ranking considerations so you make more sales from your gigs and higher profits per sale (not just the $5 a lot of sellers are making).

Module 3: Growing Away From Fiverr

Delivering your gig when someone orders it and how you can get more customers including how you can use Fiverr to make way more money without you having to do any extra work.

Module 4: Making More Money

This module is about making even more money (and who doesn’t want to do that). Fiverr takes a 20% cut so if you sell a $100 gig they will take a $20 cut and you will make $80. When you deliver work to people you may never get another order from them again… but with the secrets revealed inside this module you can increase your customer retention/sell even more of what you have to offer and make even more profits.

There’s also a BONUS below these modules…

100 Gigs That Aren’t Dead

100 Fiverr Gigs

This is a PDF document which outlines 100 potential ‘in-demand’ gigs that you can get started with right now.

100 fiverr gigs

All of the modules are very well presented and clearly understood so you know exactly what step to do next as you go through the modules. The video modules themselves are 10-20 minutes in length each (approx) and there are 4 in total.

Private Facebook Group (Free to all Customers)

Fiverr Facebook Group

As a customer you also get FREE access to a private Facebook group which is run by Kory Pearman. I have checked out this group and it’s already active and Kory is a regular contributor. This is great as you can see what other people in the group are doing on Fiverr and you can all help each other out (if you want to). It gives the whole product a sense of community and you won’t feel like you are doing this alone. More product creators should be doing this in my opinion and kudos to Kory for building this seamlessly into his product. My guess is that before long there will be hundreds of members in this group so it’s effectively a mastermind group.


As you can see in the image above there are already nearly 100 active users in this group at the time of writing.

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What About The Upsells?

OTO1: 15 Money-Sucking Machines

This is a GREAT one time offer and it’s the first one you will be presented with after you purchase the main product. If you are new to selling on Fiverr or you are unsure of what you should be selling, this one time offer is WELL WORTH picking up. Not only do you get 15 gigs identified and done for you, but you also get graphics, sales copy and the source for gig fulfilment. This means that these gigs are practically automated in terms of delivery and there is as much as 90% PROFIT. For each gig you get the description, sales copy, headline, supplier and supplier price!

Personally I PICKED UP this one time offer and thought it was not only congruent with the main offer but also of real value in terms of getting those first gig orders in and building up a reputation on the Fiverr platform. One thing I recommend you do though is re-word the copy of the gig and make it unique to you in terms of wording. This will only take you 5 minutes or so extra work and will ensure your gig gets approved (don’t say I didn’t tell you!).

15 Fiverr Gigs

OTO2: 1-On-1 Coaching and Private Skype Group Access ($0 to $1500 in 60 DAYS)

This is 1-On-1 coaching with Kory Pearman who will coach you from $0.00 to $1500 per month in 60 DAYS. If $1500 a month would do a lot for you in the next 60 days then this is going to be a worthwhile investment for you. Not only do you get personal Skype and Facebook access to ask questions personally but you ALSO get added to a private Mastermind Skype group with other coaching students. If you’ve ever read “Think and Grow Rich” you’ll already know that one of the secrets to success is being part of a Mastermind group that works in perfect harmony. Purchasing this one-time-offer (the 2nd upsell) will give you personal access to Kory Pearman which is a surefire way to fast-track your success to FOUR FIGURES plus per month on Fiverr.

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The Pros of Fiverr Isn’t Dead

  • The creator has done what he is teaching. It really is possible to create profitable gigs using this 100% free method and set it up so it takes up very little of your time to ‘fulfil’ each gig. Kory has one gig that averages $47 per day with less than 15 minutes of work.
  • By following the recommendations in the course you can increase your profits ‘per gig’ to as much as $100+ per gig instead of $5. Even if your average gig was $20 you’d only need 5 gigs per day to make $100 a day consistently.
  • Fiverr is full of buyers. There are over 1 MILLION active users on Fiverr at the time of writing and this number keeps growing.
  • The course is easy to follow and well presented.
  • You get FREE access to a private Facebook group which is moderated by the creator of this product (he is also a regular contributor).
  • If you purchase the first One Time Offer you get 15 profit-pulling gigs all done for you in the package which includes graphics, headline, description and sales copy.
  • The course shows you how to not only make more on Fiverr but also how to make more money away from Fiverr (if you want to).
  • As a bonus you also get 100 gigs outlined in a PDF document identified for you that are in-demand (these are not done for you packages though just an outline of each gig type).
  • 1-On-1 coaching and private skype mastermind group available in upsell number 2.

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The Cons of Fiverr Isn’t Dead

  • It won’t take you long but you need to create your gig and give it time to rank in Fiverr. As your reputation increases on Fiverr you will make more sales.
  • Any sales you make on Fiverr will involve a 20% cut. The good thing about this compared with something like Ebay is that Fiverr doesn’t charge you for listing your gigs. They only take a cut when you sell your gig but you must take this into consideration as a $5 gig completed means you get $4 (not $5).
  • If you purchase the first upsell which is the done for you package of 15 profit-pulling gigs I recommend you re-word them and make them unique to you as a seller on Fiverr. This will take a little longer to do but will be worth it in the long run and it will mean your gig gets accepted without any problems (I could have put this in the pros section as it is relatively little effort but it is some extra work on an already done-for-you package which I still highly recommend you pick up at the same time!).


Fiverr Isn’t Dead Review – Concluding Summary

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a product in the marketplace that is created by someone who clearly knows his stuff and has actually done what he is teaching in order to make money. In this case it’s Fiverr and it’s a fantastic opportunity to make either a part-time or full-time income online offering relatively simple products and services in return for monetary compensation. Fiverr Isn’t Dead is a concise and clear video module course that cuts out the fluff and details exactly what you need to know to set up gigs that will make you profit.

I like the fact that Kory is including free access to a support Facebook group for this product and that he’s actively answering people’s questions in there. Both upsells are also highly congruent to anyone that wants either/or both a done for you package of ‘Fiverr gigs’ and extra help in the form of 1-on-1 coaching and private Skype group. Personally I purchased both the main product and the package of 15 ‘done for you gigs’ and wouldn’t hesitate to employ the services of Kory in the form of coaching if I got stuck on any of this as he clearly knows his stuff when it comes to the Fiverr marketplace as a seller.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a quick and simple way to start making sales online using Fiverr as a platform that is loaded with buyers. Although Fiverr is taking 20% of every sale you make it’s a small price to pay when there is such a large audience willing to buy what you have to offer providing it is in demand. By following this course and Kory’s tips on making more money you could grow this into a full-time business if you roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

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If you enjoyed this review please do share it with anyone you know that might find it useful. Thanks as always for reading!

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eddyw March 4, 2017 at 5:50 am

this is a great course! recommended!

Dean James March 4, 2017 at 1:48 pm

Hi Eddy, thanks for your comment. I agree, it’s professionally presented and covers what you need to know in order to get up and running as a seller with gigs on Fiverr.

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