Believe In Yourself No Matter What

by Dean James

believerThe vast majority of people reading this post will have been conditioned, just like I was, from an early age to follow a set path. Namely to get an education and then use that education to get a ‘good job’.

The chances are your parents told you exactly the same thing, as did theirs.

Because of this the mindset of MOST people around you is fixed on getting an education and then getting what is perceived as a good job.

Anything else you suggest outside of this will sound like a pipedream to those people and it’s because of this that most people will try to put you off even starting your own online business.

Some people will put you off doing it because secretly they are fearful you will succeed and end up doing better than them. That you had the guts to go out there and do it is more than they will ever do. Don’t listen to them and that includes your ‘friends’.

Some people will put you off because their mindset is geared towards one way and one way only in life which is to go and get a job and make your employer rich. Don’t listen to them either.

People close to you, who genuinely have your best interests at heart, will put you off pursuing your dream of your own online business the very minute you hit an obstacle that they perceive is a permanent roadblock.

You will get comments like, “Do you think it would make more sense to just stick at your job at least that pays the bills“… and “Why don’t you get a real job like everyone else“… and “You haven’t succeeded yet, why is it going to be any different this time?“… and, “Isn’t it all a scam? Do people really make money online?” (of course they do!)

And so on! My advice is this, “DON’T LISTEN TO THEM!

Why? Because they have never made it outside of a ‘career’ (and I’m not knocking that, but it isn’t the only way in life – It is my assertion and belief there is a better way for the vast majority of people not in vocations that they love).

Even if their intentions are the best in the world, they are talking about something they have no experience of.

You need to have courage in your convictions and BELIEVE in yourself. You cannot allow any of these comments to filter into your conscious mind and interrupt your vision to have a successful online business.

You, my friend are GODS HIGHEST CREATION and you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to and believe in. You are capable of GREATNESS far in excess of anything you think possible right now.





Because it is TOTALLY doable. You can make far more money in this industry that you can in a so called ‘good job’ or ‘great career’ that effectively shackles you to it until you retire.

Make a decision and put your blinkers on because when SUCCESS happens to you, which it inevitably will, all your detractors will DISAPPEAR. Some will be happy for you and others will be downright jealous, but you won’t care because you MADE IT!

Every day is a NEW CHANCE to make BIG things happen for you and your life. For the people you care about and to get one step closer towards the FREEDOM to live life on your own terms.

Don’t let anybody take that dream away from you because it won’t be a dream forever!

I’m building a team right now. A team that is focused on being SUCCESSFUL ONLINE and I would like you to be a part of it IF you are willing to work and make every day count. Are you in? Join me! (no excuses)…









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