How To Make Dollars As An Adsense Publisher

by Dean James

One thing I am reading over and over on forums is how many people are only making a few cents per click ( or even less ) as Adsense publishers. They wonder why – how could this be? They often think they have tried everything. Comments on forums start to pour in such as “This sucks I only made $0.02 from a bajillion impressions, what am I doing wrong“.

Well,  there are 3 obvious things you should look at it if you find yourself in this situation:

1) What niche are they targetting. If it’s one where there isn’t high advertiser interest/competition then the payouts are just going to be lower. Period. That’s the law of supply and demand folks. Which niche do you think would pay higher? One with 2 advertisers in or one with 20 advertisers jostling for position?

Solution: Find a high paying niche

2) They are usually chasing social traffic. This type of traffic has its uses but the problem is it isn’t targeted traffic, which makes it a poor choice of traffic generation for making money with adsense. Sure, you may get tons of traffic hitting your pages but this type of traffic isn’t actually interested in what the advertisers are offering. You may get a bunch of clicks but Google knows that this traffic isn’t converting for advertisers so it isn’t going to pay out big bucks. This is why you end up with $0.01 or $0.02 for a click and end up scratching your head.

Solution: Generate targeted traffic to your site that converts for advertisers.

3) They have been Smart Priced – If you were making a decent amount per click and all of a sudden these earnings consistently drop through the floor it is possible your account has been smart priced. Please note, if the traffic to your site/s is not targeted it’s more likely to be point 2 that needs addressing. If you suspect you have been smart priced, check your stats for sites that have a very low CTR ( by low I am talking under 3% ). Remove Adsense from these sites and leave it for a couple of weeks ( obviously you need >1 site to test this ). If your account earnings then go back to normal you know your account was smart priced as a result of one or more sites you have in your portfolio. 

Solution: Remove adsense from sites you suspect have been smart priced and once your account earnings go back to normal gradually add sites back in. If your account then gets smart priced again, use the sites causing the smart pricing for something else. 

Note: Don’t form any conclusions based on 1 or 2 clicks, this isn’t enough data to work with.

This is how you make money online as an Adsense publisher. Hopefully a lightbulb just went off in your head if you find yourself in the situation above. For those that would like more help and guidance in doing this step-by-step, you can register on the Content Cash Secrets priority notification list.


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