What Is The Best Webhost?

by Dean James

With so many different hosting companies out there it’s difficult to know what to look for and who to sign up with. My favorite webhost costs less than 10 bucks a month, which to me is tremendous value and worth every cent. Let’s look at 3 critical factors everyone should consider before choosing a webhost.

1) Cost – You want value without compromising on quality of the hosting that is being offered.
2) Uptime – You need a service that is going to be reliable. It’s no good going with the cheapest hosting company if there are frequent outages. As your business grows this can cost you a lot of money so a high percentage in terms of uptime (99.9% or more ) is essential ).
3) Support – If you have any problems or need to ask a question, you need to know that the standard of support is top notch.

Any other considerations. Well for shared hosting two others I would add to that list would also be:

1) AWSTATS installed by default. Amazingly some hosts don’t have this installed and it makes checking your stats more of a pain that it needs to be. AWSTATS is easy to use so I recommend you choose a host that has it. You can always install Google Analytics on individual sites as well as this.

2) ADDON DOMAINS – They should be unlimited and should not cost you any extra. Some hosting companies charge you for blocks of addon domains which I personally think is pretty outrageous given that my favorite company doesn’t.

You can get shared hosting with the company I recommend for as little as $7.95 a month here -> Recommended Webhosting


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