Vid Lyft Review – Can You Rank YouTube Videos In Under 3 Minutes?

by Dean James

Vid LyftVid Lyft Ranking Software

Product Reviewed: Vid Lyft
Creator: Matthew Neer & Seth Bias
Membership Type: Recurring
Cost: $9.95-$49.95 (depending on membership level)
Bonus: Free optimization guide (all membership levels)

This traffic source gets over 4 BILLION unique views a day. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have already guessed that this traffic source is the same one that people are now often watching INSTEAD of television. Yep, you guessed it – it’s YouTube. Vid Lyft is a brand new software that has been released into the marketplace which helps you to get free traffic by using artificial intelligence over a cloud-based app to rank your videos on page #1 for your desired keywords on YouTube and Google and in turn get more FREE traffic to your videos and your website or offers. In this Vid Lyft review I am going to explore what this software does, how it works and whether it can work for you. If you want to visit the page which tells you more about the software and the pricing options you can do that by clicking here.

What Is Vid Lyft?

It’s an automated cloud-based software app that uses ‘proprietary artificial intelligence’ to help your videos rank high on YouTube and in the SERPS. Obviously it does a lot of stuff in the background but you don’t need to concern yourself with any of that really. All you need to know is what YOU need to do in order to get your videos ranked so you can concern yourself with creating more quality content in the form of videos. Given that over a BILLION minutes was spent watching ads on YouTube last year, you would be savvy to use this free traffic source as this information tells you that people on there are BUYING stuff as well as watching videos. If people weren’t buying stuff, advertisers would not be spending tons of money on advertisements. Capiche?  🙂

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So How Do You Use Vid Lyft?

I am a firm believer in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) so elegant simplicity is what I am all about. This is where Vid Lyft scores a big home-run because it keeps the end-user (that’s you) in mind so everything is ‘painting-by-numbers’ simple and step-by-step. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Upload Your Video to YouTube (easy peasy)
  2. Enter some basic information about your video to optimize it (stuff like description and tags etc – all very straight forward and there’s a tutorial on this provided to members that purchase Vid Lyft).
  3. Publish your video and COPY the YouTube link to your video. Paste the link into the Vid Lyft ranking system.
  4. Click GO and enter the keyword you want to rank for (this is usually the title or part of the title of your video).
  5. Once this is done you just click ‘RANK’ and let Vid Lyft do ‘it’s thang’. What it does is technical (stuff like pinging servers, sending social signals – yada yada ;) ) and will probably result in you falling asleep in your chair, so rather than explain all that just trust that it does what it needs to do for 1-3 minutes. What you are REALLY doing by using this software is just letting YouTube know what it needs to know about your video in order to rank it. There’s nothing clandestine going in and it’s all perfectly legal. To quote an excerpt from the Vyd Lift website: “Is this legal? Yes, it is. In fact, YouTube WANTS you to rank videos. The entire reason search engines exist is to organize information. All our software does, is help you do that faster and in an automated fashion”. This step takes 1-3 minutes to complete.
  6. At the end of this step the system tells you in real-time where your video is ranking. Pretty sweet!

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So Does Vid Lyft Work?

Well, to answer that question the first step is to check out the live software demo which shows you a brand new video being ranked for its chosen keyword in under a minute. That in itself is impressive proof of the software in action. You even get to see how it’s outranking other videos that have been around for months. Whilst that is not conclusive proof that this software works as well as the vendors claim, it’s one step in the right direction.

As this software is brand new the only way to REALLY know is to test it for yourself. At under 10 dollars it’s less than a price of a pizza and if you do nothing else but put into action the optimization tips, you’re going to already be ahead of a lot of people that simply either don’t do this step or do it wrong. The software is icing on the cake of the fundamentals you should be doing in order to create a solid foundation for every video. On this step you should not take any shortcuts, especially when the software itself is only going to require a maximum of 3 minutes of your time once you’ve optimized it using the free guide you get as a paying member (this will also only take you a few minutes).

Obviously, you need to be realistic. If you choose ultra-competitive keywords such as ‘make money online’ that thousands and thousands of people are trying to rank for, you’re going to end up being disappointed for obvious reasons. For lower competition keywords, however, this is a quick and easy to use ‘software solution’ that saves time and it works so fast you can literally do it once in a few minutes from start to finish and forget about it. It’s also cloud-based so you can use it anywhere and you don’t need to download anything onto your computer to make it work.

How Much Does Vid Lyft Cost?

There are 3 pricing options for this software. This may sound a little strange at first but it’s because API calls (again, another techie term – I do apologise) cost the creators of this software some money. The 3 membership levels are BASIC, PRO and UNLIMITED with the basic membership level starting at $9.95 up to $49.95 for the unlimited membership. I will quickly run you through the membership levels below but will say in advance right here that if you want to rank more than 10 videos a month you want to go for at least the PRO level membership level which is a  $24.95.

All 3 levels include an optimization guide for free as an added-value bonus which gives you another edge over your competition before you even use the ranking software.

Membership Levels

Basic ($9.95) – Access to Vid Lyft App, Optimization Guide, Full Step-by-Step Training. You can rank 10 videos a month.

Pro ($24.95) – Access to Vid Lyft App, Optimization Guide, Full Step-by-Step Training. You can rank 50 videos a month (best overall value unless you want to rank >50 videos a month).

Unlimited ($49.95) – Access to Vid Lyft App, Optimization Guide, Full Step-by-Step Training. Rank unlimited videos per month. Also includes an exclusive ADVANCED training video.

Who Should Buy Vid Lyft?

Anyone that makes videos with lower competition keywords they want to rank for and get more free traffic would be interested in this. You’ll just need to wait for about 3 minutes for it to run through what it needs to do once you’ve submitted your video. Obviously, if you don’t make videos and have no interest in doing so, this won’t be for you. It’s also a very cheap solution so at under 10 bucks so it’s ultra-affordable for anyone that wants to use it.

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  • Cloud-based software app means you don’t need to download software onto your computer.
  • Quick and easy to use (takes 1-3 minutes once you run your video URL through the ranking system)
  • Suitable for any experience level including beginners.
  • Affordable Ranking Solution (price starts at just $9.95)
  • Can achieve rankings quickly (live demo software shows a position 2 ranking in under a minute)
  • Displays rank in real-time following submission into the system.
  • Optimization guide provided for free to all members that purchase membership to use the software.


  • Basic level is limited to 10 videos you can rank per month. Moderate to heavy video users will need Pro (still only $24.95) to Unlimited level membership.
  • You WON’T rank on page one for very high competition keywords like ‘make money online’ using this software so you need to be realistic.
  • Suitable for lower (think ‘long-tail’) competition keywords (see live software demo for example)

Vid Lyft Review – Concluding Summary

If you want to rank your videos on YouTube for lower competition keywords, this is a really neat software solution that could help you rank higher and get you more free traffic on YouTube. Obviously the proof of the pudding is always in the eating, but first signs are positive and because it’s so cheap you can afford to test this out for yourself. The live ranking demo shows you how easy the software is to use and how the vendor of this software started with a video from scratch and got a position 2 ranking on page one in under a minute once he had entered basic details about the video before publishing and putting the URL into the Vid Lyft software. It’s a neat touch that it tells you in real-time where your video is ranking at the end and I also like the fact that it is cloud-based so you don’t need to download software programs onto your computer in order to use it.

It’s prudent for me to observe/note that a percentage (exactly what % I could not say) of that ranking success COULD partly be due to the optimization steps outlined in the training before you run it through the ranking software. It’s cheap and you can try it out yourself for less than 10 bucks for 10 videos per month (or $24.95 for 50 videos a month).

In terms of the membership levels, I feel that the PRO level is the one to go for at $24.95 as that allows anyone to rank 50 videos a month. Unless you make a lot of videos it’s unlikely you will need the unlimited membership level but that does include an advanced training video which I haven’t seen yet (let me know in the comments section what you think of that if you get it).  If you just want to ‘try it out’ you can always go for the BASIC level at $9.95 but at $24.95 this is inexpensive in the grand scheme of things (the optimization guide alone which you get as a bonus for free as a member could be just what you needed to help get your videos ranking higher before you even run your video through the software) and it’s only going to take you 3 minutes or so per video to make it work for you. You can’t really get a lot more simple or straight-forward than that.

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If you enjoyed this review please do share it with anyone you know that might find it useful. Thanks as always for reading!

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